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Jul 6, 2021

In this episode of our Couch Conversations podcast, our host, Kareem Lee speaks about how important it is for women to acknowledge and address the issues caused by absent fathers or unpleasant experiences with fathers.

Using her own experience as a reference point, Kareem shares how a daughter's relationship with her father sets the tone for every other relationship she will engage. She highlights how social, professional and spiritual relationships are influenced by the residual effects of problematic or nonexistent father-daughter relationships and zeros in on how paying attention to reoccurring themes in relationships could lead women to begin the process of healing.

Kareem is a woman of faith who is intent on seeing the Word of God come alive in her own life and in the lives of those she comes in contact with. She is spends time engrossed in studying the Word and welcomes opportunities to share its truth, especially with women. Kareem hosts the Couch Conversations podcast by Hummingbird Journeys. She is also a multi-passionate entrepreneur and published author/faith Writer.


Our mandate at Hummingbird Journeys is to create safe spaces where women heal emotionally, grow spiritually, and are equipped and emboldened to live victorious, impactful, Christ-centered lives.

This podcast is one of the platforms through which we fulfil our mandate.

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