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Nov 27, 2020

Owning Your God-given identity

Crystal Daye joins our host, Kareem Lee, for this week's conversation. Together, they examine the concept of God-given identity vs. identity derived from other sources.

Highlighting how past experiences and wrong teachings can cause women to hold on to an identity that is contrary to what God intended, the conversation touches on the need to break free from past experiences. Emphasising that it is possible to overcome limiting beliefs and mindsets, to confidently fulfil God's purpose.


About Crystal Daye

Known to captivate and connect with people as a relevant, transparent, and transformational speaker, Crystal Daye propels her audience to action by challenging them to never settle for less than God’s best.  Crystal Daye is an Award-Winning Best-Selling Author of 6 books, International Certified Christian Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, Publisher and sought-after Inspirational Speaker.  As a woman of faith, she believes in servant leadership and she unselfishly uses the platforms God has given her to positively influence and impact lives globally.  

Crystal is a Book Coach and COO of DayeLight Publishers, a Faith-Based Publishing and Consultancy Company that helps aspiring authors to write, brand, publish and market the books God has placed on their heart.  As a Brand Strategist, she helps women of faith to use their experiences to launch an Empowerment-Based business so they can maximize their message and increase their income and impact.

You may connect with Crystal Daye and her ministry via:

Social handles/links: @CrystalSDaye