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May 28, 2021

It is often thought that being strong means not needing help and that, if a person does reach out for help, they may be considered weak. This notion is also present amongst Believers who consider that seeking help, especially when it relates to matters of a mental or emotional challenge, could mean that the person is weak in their faith or is lacking in spiritual discipline. Mindsets like these cause mental health concerns to often go unaddressed in faith communities.

Our guest today, Mrs. Feona Charles-Richards, is simply a lover of people. That love has pushed her into seeking ways to make lives better. She is passionate about issues concerning Mental Wellness and Neurodevelopmental challenges.

Feona is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, who holds a BSc in Psychology with Sociology and an MSc in Clinical Psychology. She is also a trained Neurolinguistic and Mental Emotional Release practitioner.

Feona believes strongly that thoughts become actions and in order to have extraordinary outcomes there must be a shift in thinking. She continues to seek opportunities to educate the community about Mental Health challenges across various platforms.

Our mandate at Hummingbird Journeys is to create safe spaces where women heal emotionally, grow spiritually, and are equipped and emboldened to live victorious, impactful, Christ-centered lives.

This podcast is one of the platforms through which we fulfill our mandate.

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