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Jul 15, 2021

In this episode of our Couch Conversations podcast, Reverend Denise Hinkson Lawrence joins our host, Kareem Lee, to speak about the power of being naked and unashamed before God.

Reverend Denise shares how women can tap into new dimensions of liberty and power by unmasking. What is unmasking? It's removing pretense and excuses and standing before God. By doing this, she dismantles the weight of human opinion, limiting beliefs, guilt, pride, and shame and allows Him to help her discover her true self.

Reverend Denise H Lawrence is a Mindset-Shifter, with a passion for transforming lives. Her signature program 'ReBirth' allows women to overcome imposter syndrome, discover their identity, increase confidence, and eliminate comparison and perfectionism for a purposeful life. Denise is a Wife, Mother, Evangelist, Global Podcaster, Author, Writer, Conference Host, International Speaker, Coach, and Mentor with a mandate to empower women in personal, spiritual, and leadership development. Denise guides women in navigating difficult experiences, dismantle harmful messages about self-worth, pivot their pain to purpose, and become empowered. Reverend Denise strongly believes that "There is therapeutic value in shared stories".

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Our mandate at Hummingbird Journeys is to create safe spaces where women heal emotionally, grow spiritually, and are equipped and emboldened to live victorious, impactful, Christ-centered lives.

This podcast is one of the platforms through which we fulfil our mandate.

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