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Jul 26, 2020

Suddenly, God changed my story - from barren to a mother of two

What do you do when the doctors have said that it is medically impossible? When friends and family have given up hope, where do you turn? When men and women of God begin to suggest that your situation is dead and it's time to let it go, where do you find the encouragement to go on?

Pastor Mrs. Valerie Charles Chike Nezianya joins us this week to share her own experience of being childless for almost 8 years after marriage. She recounts enduring the shame of being called barren and the physical pain for which doctors could not identify the cause. Until, suddenly, God changed her story.

Psalm 113:9 says "He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother. Praise the LORD!"

Our prayer is that your faith will be stirred as you listen, and that you will be encouraged to trust the God who is able to make the impossible, possible.


About Our Guest:

Pastor Valerie is an ordained minister of the gospel. She has an evangelistic calling over her life and a burden for raising godly women, marriages and children. She is a certified accountant, by profession, and a published author. She is also the visionary  of the Chosen To Give Life Ministries, an inter-denominational ministry dedicated to stirring the hearts of women back to the Lord.  

Pastor Valerie is the wife of Pastor Charles Chike Nezianya. Together, they pastor The Cornerstone African House of Praise in Singapore. Their marriage is blessed with their double-portion children, Zachary and Juanita, who actively support them in ministry.


Pastor Valerie has a special burden to stand with and support women who are waiting on the fruit of the womb. To avail such support, you may connect with her via

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