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Jan 22, 2021

Managing Life's Transitions

Change happens, it's inevitable. Whether we like it or not, whether we've planned for it or not, at some point we are required to face the uncertainty of what it means to move from one state of reality to another.

What better reference is there to draw upon than the current season in which...

Dec 18, 2020

Loving vs Being In Love


About Our Guest

Oghenovo (Tsola) Uwhuba is a Beloved Daughter of Yahweh God and an avid believer in, and follower of, His Son Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ). She is a prolific writer of Christian content, authoring over 300 articles that expose God’s Father Heart of Stupendous Love for...

Nov 27, 2020

Owning Your God-given identity

Crystal Daye joins our host, Kareem Lee, for this week's conversation. Together, they examine the concept of God-given identity vs. identity derived from other sources.

Highlighting how past experiences and wrong teachings can cause women to hold on to an identity that is contrary to...

Nov 13, 2020

Are you trying to become the perfect woman?

Is there an image in your mind of what the perfect woman should be?

The quest for perfection is a burden and a form of bondage for many women. But, true perfection is as God defines, not as we might have been conditioned to perceive perfection to be.

During this week's...

Oct 30, 2020

True Worship Unlocks Heaven

True worship has little to do with outward demonstrations and everything to do with the posture of a person's heart. 

It goes far beyond the songs that we sing when we gather corporately. True worship is a lifestyle which is shaped by our personal commune with God. 

When a woman understands...