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Nov 13, 2020

Are you trying to become the perfect woman?

Is there an image in your mind of what the perfect woman should be?

The quest for perfection is a burden and a form of bondage for many women. But, true perfection is as God defines, not as we might have been conditioned to perceive perfection to be.

During this week's conversation we candidly discuss issues of jealousy, imposter syndrome, insecurity, comparative positioning, and limiting mindsets which many women struggle with.

Our guest, Mrs. Cynthia Kike Ajeigbe, a certified coach, provides practical guidance on moving beyond the barriers of circumstance, culture, past experiences, and the labels of others, to recognize our worth in Christ and become the women He has called us to be. As she shares, she urges us to value ourselves as God values us and to rise with confidence into all that He has purposed.



About Our Guest

Cynthia Kike Ajeigbe considers herself to be a purpose driven strategic leader with a track record of enhancing the delivery of business outcomes through people. She is a woman who is blessed to be a blessing, and is pressing unto the mark of the high calling by the grace of God. This is a woman who knows, without a shadow of doubt, that her help and her strength come from the Lord.

As a coach, Cynthia Kike Ajeigbe is certified by the International Coaching Federation. You can view her full profile and access her contact details here.