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May 3, 2020

"Wisdom Is The Principal Thing"

 A Godly woman is mandated by God to build and to give life. To do this she requires wisdom and insight that can only come from God himself. A woman of wisdom understands why King Solomon said, wisdom is the principal thing.

Our featured guest on this episode of Couch Conversations, Fainorah Bosibori, speaks to us about relying on God’s divine wisdom to ensure uncompromised success.


Episode Highlights:

(0:00 - 2:00) Intro  

(2:00) The heart behind the Keys of the Kingdom series  

(3:30) Get to know our guest, Fainorah Bosibori  

(6:00) What is  wisdom and what does being wise really entail?  

(9:15) The difference between knowledge and wisdom in general, and how should each be treated by a godly women.  

(11:28) Understanding the shunning of evil in the pursuit of wisdom. Wisdom leads to reward, as in the story of Ruth. Wisdom gives the power to disarm the enemy and overcome opposition.  

(15:15) Characteristics of a wise woman.    

(25:00) As women, how do we come to a place where our emotions are kept in check so that we do not respond in a way that is not wise. The importance of Mentors.  

(29:00) How do I remain silent, be discerning, and not feel weak in times of unfairness.  

(31:00) Can everyone woman be a woman of wisdom?  

(34:53) Distinguishing between the wisdom of the world, and the wisdom of God.  

(35:30) Wisdom is the principal thing.  

(36:44) Women of wisdom examples in the bible to study further.  

(44:00) The consequences of not walking in wisdom.  

(49:00) A wise woman builds her house, but the foolish…  

(50:00) Practical steps to ensure you are cultivating/nurturing a spirit of a wisdom.


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